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The Right Carpet for the Right Room

Carpet flooring is a trusted material for making your house truly feel like a home. There are some tips and tricks however to make sure you're utilizing your new carpet in the most efficient way based on the needs, tasts, and uses of the room. And we're not just talking about style; you have to look at things like pile, plush, thickness, density, and fiber to determine what’s best for what room.

American Rug has been in existence since 1905. The company, now in its third generation, has been in the same family ever since we opened our doors. We don’t like to brag, but we’ve received the Advocate “Best of the Valley” award for 11 consecutive years. We also have the distinction of having one of the few Karastan-certified installers on our staff and off a wide range of national brand including Karastan, & Smartstrand.

We know about carpet and area rugs, but that’s not all we do: Take a look at our inventory of hardwood, vinyl, luxury vinyl and more. Feel free to come into our showroom in Holyoke, MA. We also service the surrounding Springfield Metropolitan area.
Luxury carpet in Holyoke, MA from American Rug

What’s best for what rooms

  • Living room, family room, and library: Here it’s just about decor, but you do need to take into account lifestyle. Isyour living room an area that’s used every day or only when entertaining? Do you have kids or pets? Do you have elderly residents who use walkers or wheelchairs? Be sure to tell this to your flooring pro.
  • Dining room: How often do you use it? Does food get dropped often?
  • Entryway: There’s a lot of wear and tear, so get something durable, perhaps a synthetic, such as nylon which is known for super-strength and stain resistance.
  • Stairs: This is a tricky one because you have two concerns: durability and safety. The stairs might get the most foot traffic of any other place in the house, so it takes a lot of abuse. People, pets, and kids go up and down all day. This is a place where you definitely want a carpet with a low pile and, since it needs to wrap around treads and though the rails, you don’t want anything too thick; otherwise, your foot won’t have any foundation and you’ll slip and fall. Buy the very best carpet and padding you can afford here. Remember, the carpet protects the stairs, but the padding protects the rug. If it frays, feet will snag and get caught and there will be more accidents.
  • Home office: Think about chairs with wheels and furniture that may get moved frequently. Low pile is best. This isn't something you should try to install yourself because it requires special skills and tools. Talk to us about our installation services.