At American Rug, our Holyoke, MA showroom experts understand that getting a new installation is a significant investment. As such, we’d like to help you find the appropriate floors for your redesign. One of our most popular installations is luxury vinyl plank flooring. Cost-effective, attractive, and easy to maintain, more and more homeowners have been choosing to get this great addition for their homes. But after installing LVP flooring, you’ll ultimately want to ensure it is well-cared for, so it lasts for years to come. Resistant to high levels of foot traffic, stains, and water, luckily this installation doesn’t require a complex cleaning regimen. Let’s go over the main points on how to care for your new luxury vinyl floors.

Clean spills right away

While these floors are water-resistant, it is essential to clean up spills immediately. TO ensure your installation lasts a very long time, blot and clean up any liquid and water spills right away.

Use a damp mop and non-abrasive cleaner

If your floors need a thorough cleaning, it’s best to use a damp mop – not a sopping wet one. Cleaners should be mild and specifically approved for use on LVP. Harsh chemicals can discolor the installation and ruin its appearance, so avoid these altogether.

Sweep with soft bristles

Avoid surface wear-and-tear from dirt and grit by sweeping regularly. However, only use a broom with soft bristles, as hard ones could wear down the surface prematurely as well. Additionally, if you choose to use a vacuum, make sure to skip the beater bar attachment – it can damage the surfacing too.

Use felt furniture protectors

Regardless of the weight of furniture items, each one should have felt protectors to prevent scratching or indenting the floors. Should you want to move one item to another spot, lift and carry it to its new location. Use plastic moving discs under heavier pieces to protect the floors while shifting the furniture.

Find an LVP flooring retailer near you

At American Rug, our LVP flooring store professionals can answer all your soft and hard surfacing renovation questions. Serving the Western Massachusetts region, our friendly, knowledgeable specialists are more than happy to guide you towards the perfect floors for your home.