Yes, you can, and this vinyl can give the luxury, high-end look of any stone.

It’s not just marble, but also slate, travertine, granite, quartz. We’ve seen it as flooring, accent walls and even on other surfaces, such as vanities.

It is so versatile that there’s a good reason why the retailer loves to recommend LVP to customers, whether they plan to use it as flooring or elsewhere.

What’s the difference between LVP floors and LVT?

It's the cut. LVP stands for luxury vinyl plank. A photograph is taken with 3-D photography, the vinyl is cut into strips and then mounted on boards. The image is so clear and accurate that you’ll see every detail, including veining patterns.

LVT is cut into tile-sized pieces, and many prefer this cut of flooring because of the larger format and fewer seams; it resembles stone taken right from the quarry, which you know can be pricey.

The best thing is to walk into a flooring store and look at all the LVP samples.

Wood looks in every room

Wood floors are trending hot these days, but sadly you cannot have genuine wood in every area.

That’s especially so for the full bathroom which is known as "the wettest room in the house." Wood also isn't recommended for below-grade areas, such as basements.

LVP is meant specifically to mimic hardwood, and it’s completely waterproof, so you can have that look in any room.

Tile trends

Large-format tiles are getting bigger and bigger in 2020; sometimes they go as high as 48 X 48. Bold colors are also in, and the 3-D photography can make it seem as though they jump out at you.

Technology has also given us grout in various color patterns.

That means you can have the LVP cut into large tile, “groutable” pieces for a unique, bold design statement.


●Waterproof. This flooring is completely impervious to liquid.
●Durable. All vinyl is durable, and this is layered, with the top being a clear plastic protective sheet that guards against scratches and scuffs. Stains wipe off easily.
●Easy to install. It’s DIY-friendly, which adds to the affordability. The pieces just click together.

For more information, come into the American Rug showroom in Holyoke, MA., serving all of Western Mass. Be sure to ask about our estimates!