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Five reasons to add area rugs to your decor


Even if you already have other flooring in that room

These rugs should be thought of as design tools for your area.

They add visual appeal, but they’re as functional as they are beautiful! They can pull together all the colors of a room, accentuate, and let you create your own unique personal style.

It’s not unusual to see them layered over wall-to-wall carpet or on hard surfaces such as hardwood, vinyl, or laminate.

Our area rugs come in a wide assortment of colors, patterns, and designs and you can get them in almost any material, from wool to cotton, silk, and synthetics such as nylon.

Speaking of seeing them over hardwood, all wood has those beautiful undertones (secondary colors), such as red, orange, beige, yellow, slate blue, etc. Put scatter rugs or runners over an areaor two on hardwood to bring out the undertones.

American Rug is a third-generation family business that has been in existence since 1905. We represent over 90 manufacturers, not just in area rugs and carpet, but also in hardwood and other hard surfaces. Our showroom is in Holyoke, MA and we service the surrounding Springfield Metropolitan area.
Stylish area rugs in Northampton, MA from American Rug

Besides being a design tool,these rugs will also:

  • Reduce or even eliminate noise. Hard surfaces don't absorb sound the way textiles do, so every little vibration will be picked up, especially with hardwood, and there might even be echoes. Sometimes people hear hollow sounds with laminate if there’s no underlayment.A good way to eliminate this is to place rugs in a specific area, such as under a dining room table.
  • Add comfort. Hard surfaces are hard. That can make it tough to stand on, especially if you spend long hours in the kitchen preparing meals. They'll add a little comfort and flexibility to any space.●Bring warmth. Hardwood is beautiful, but if it’s in your bedroom your feet are still going to want to step out on something warm and comfortable, and that can be a small rug.
  • Protect your floors. If they get dirty, just go outside and shake them out! They’ll also absorb the stains and water, not anything else.
  • Help you feel a little more centered. Since it anchors the furniture, it creates delineated spaces within a room, rather than one big open, and often, floating space. “Design from the floor up!” is a battle cry of many designers. Select the soft surface first, then paint or wallpaper the walls, upholster and add accessories.